Surat Based Banaras Sari

Sari Is the Most Ancient Thing need to be saved forever for humanity, and Indian Ethnic Saree is the most practical and aesthetic outfit .

Sarees are all season Drapable , Multipurpose, Sustainability Are The Main key Things to drape in any occasion.

Because of this , Most Indians are Evolved in every functions with Sarees like festive wear functions , wedding functions , bridal function wear , and work wear.

One has to understand that Banaras Sari’s are not for daily use .Even in past history , princess and queens were also wearing specific Banaras type of Sarees to convey their royalty.

Banaras Sari

Everyone heard of the Banaras silk , but now a days Banaras silk know for the pattern and methods used to produce such kind of Sarees.

Over the years as the world’s adapting of newer mechanical technologies, Banaras silk sarees are being produced with faster rates and at a cheaper cost due to mass production process and automatic machinery revolution.

Here In Surat , have the leading manufacturers Like Shangrila which manufactures  finely woven silk blend Sari lookalike of Banaras sarees is being once produced in Banaras .

The beauty of Surat based Banaras Sarees Have The advancement of latest machinery technologies that can create fine woven silk blend sarees with much cheaper cost to produce. Once this Banaras sarees were wearing by higher class peoples. But Now every Indian buyers can afford this type of Banaras pattern Sarees , because of affordability and availability.

In this digital age buyers can purchase Sarees online through various ecommerce platforms. Everyone’s choice at least one of Banaras Sarees in their wardrobe essentials.

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